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Socrates Now

Polyplanity Productions-Socrates Now
DIRECTED BY: Yannis Simonides
Athens University Museum courtyard
27/6 - 22/7/2015
Polyplanity Productions-Socrates Now

The theatrical rendition of Plato’s ‘Apology’ returns for the 4th consecutive year beneath the Acropolis, a few steps from where the philosopher was sentenced to death 2400 years ago.

EllinikoTheatro is an international performing arts organization based in New York and Athens. Since its inception in 1979, it has sought to bring classical, medieval and contemporary Greek literature and drama to theaters, festivals, schools, universities and communities around the world.

Think. Question. Change.

Actor – Director: Yannis Simonides
Original Direction & Mask Concept: Loukas N. Skipitaris
English Translation: Yannis Simonides & Loukas N. Skipitaris
Design: Theoni Vachlioti – Aldredge
Greek Translation: Electra Andreadi
Percussion: Caryn Heilman
Lighting: Christos Pappas
Technician: Konstantinos Mavrantzas
Graphic Design: Gianna Karmali – The Switch
Images: Elina Fessa
Line Production: Constantina Georgiou
Production Assistants: Panos Svolakis, Tzela Christopoulou
Production: Polyplanity Productions, EllinikoTheatro

Organized under the auspices of the European Parliament, the City of Athens Organization for Culture, Youth & Sports

Supporters: Athens – Attica Hotel Association, City Contact, Athens Walking Tours, Tornos News, Greek National Tourism Organization and Society for the Environment & Cultural Heritage

Media Sponsors: Xpat Athens, Griechenland Zeitung, International New York Times, Kathimerini English Edition, Insider Publications

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