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Polyplanity Productions-AJAX
DIRECTED BY: Simos Kakalas
Athens Epidaurus Festival, Piraeus 260, Garden
Polyplanity Productions-AJAX

A defeated antihero plays backgammon. Sophocles’Ajax, an iconic personification of the frustrated male, is re-imagined in an outdoors snack bar, the decadent reflection of a country stuck in the past, while everything else around it has collapsed. A stellar cast of performers jointly compose a chorus about a transforming world and its ever-changing values. A play dedicated to the prototypical outsider, the socially isolated Ajax, who is doomed to extinction and faced with madness.

Translated by Nikos Panagiotopoulos
Directed by Simos Kakalas
Set design: Giannis Katranitsas
Costume design: Claire Bracewell
Masks: Martha Foka
Lighting design: Panagiotis Lampis
Chorus coaching: Konstantinos Ntellas
Sound: Coti K.
Assistant to the director: Wichi
Cast (in alphabetical order): Eleni Boukli, Simos Kakalas, Kimonas Kouris, Konstantinos Moraitis, Giorgos Papageorgiou, Michalis Syriopoulos
Executive producers: POLYPLANITY Productions / Yolanda Markopoulou & Vicky Strataki
Production assistant:Nikos Charalampidis
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