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Polyplanity Productions-@REMAP4

Chalil Alizacla -Ramzan Mohammad -Reza Muosevi -Javad Rezai -Hossain Amiri- Zacharias Haksar - Aidim Joyimal -Abdullah Javadi.  The group members from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as today’s «Persians», reflect upon Aeschylu’s work and share their experiences and fears from ‘real’ wars in their countries and wars of everyday life in Athens.

SYNERGY-O and NGO AMAKA for the fourth year present the work from the STATION ATHENS Art Workshop. Each year there is a new theme that instigates research in order to present a theater piece and all the creative work done up to that point.  One can see photographs, handmade set props, rehearsal diaries, the actual space of the classroom and videos with personal testimonies against war and Aeschylus work.

Contributors: Daphne Kalafati, Yolanda Markopoulou, Margarita Papadopoulou, Niovi Stavropoulou, Angelos Tsapekos, Chalil Alizacla, Ramzan Mohammad, Reza Muosevi, Javad Rezai, Hossain Amiri, Zacharias Haksar, Aidim Joyimal, Abdullah Javadi, Eleni Gerontidi

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