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Polyplanity Productions-Prometheus
DIRECTED BY: Nikos Karathanos
Onassis Stegi - Main Stage
10-30 October 2021
Polyplanity Productions-Prometheus

“A roof overhead and a little fire is all humankind ever wanted – and it is captive to both.” Nikos Karathanos’ Prometheus is coming to bring us nothing but a blast of freedom.

“Come in, come in.” Prometheus on the Onassis Stegi Main Stage. There is no Caucasus here. No rock, no chain; nothing to keep Prometheus bound. Everything takes place inside a house. A house-cum-meteorite hanging in space-time, engulfed by the four natural elements. Prometheus (Nikos Karathanos), Power and Hermes (Christos Loulis), Bia and Io (Galini Hatzipaschali), Hephaestus and Oceanus (Giannis Kotsifas) – all live here, like a family, making worlds.

“To live is to devour light and darkness, every minute.” Nikos Karathanos gives us his take on this tragedy by Aeschylus, attempting – in his own words – to “mythologize daily life”: “I’ve always tried to understand how pain inside a room can escape those four walls, travel through the air, birth gods and monsters, and bring us myth.”

This acclaimed artist – a perceptive observer of transcendence through readings of the familiar – directs, and performs as Prometheus. He recognizes each and every one of us in this character. “Prometheus represents you and me and everyone, in that moment where we look upon the reality of life and it looks back at us. There is something so very ancient inside every human being that makes time bend away in shame,” he notes.

Nikos Karathanos is turning his hand to ancient Greek drama for a second time, after tackling Aristophanes’ Birds; it is a source material that moves him because “it seems to be telling me constantly that ‘the opinions I have are my tomb, and justness is my resurrection”.

Translation/Text: Yiannis Asteris
Adaptation: Nikos Karathanos, Yiannis Asteris
Direction: Nikos Karathanos
Set Design: Eva Manidaki
Costumes Design: Aggelos Mentis
Lights Design:Felice Ross
Music: Angelos Triantafyllou
Movement: Amalia Bennett
Sound Design: Yiorgos Poulios
Sound Engineer: Kostis Pavlopoulos
Collaborator Director: Marisha Triantafyllidou
Assistant To Director: Ioanna Bitouni
Assistant To Set Designer: Anna Zoulia
Assistant To Costumes Designer: Olga Evangelidou
Production Assistant: Nikos Charalampidis
Rehearsals Assistants & Filming: Dimitris Stavropoulos, Orestis Stavropoulos
Music Rehearsals Assistants: Alexandros Balaouras, Giorgos Braoudakis, Nikolas Sarlis
Set Construction: Lazaridis Scenic Studio
Sculptor & Special Constructions: Sokratis Papadopoulos
Set Design Painter: Nikos Karras
Sculptor & Special Constructions Assistants: Stefanos Grammenos, Nikoleta Sotiriou
Nikos Karathanos, Yiannis Kotsifas, Christos Loulis, Galini Chatzipaschali

Musicians On Stage:
Angelos Triantafyllou, Yiorgos Poulios, And Dimitris Gkogas (Trumpet), Yiannis Gounaris (Horn), Yiannis Kaikis (Trombone), Ntinos Triantafyllou (Tuba)

Line Production: Polyplanity Productions/ Yolanda Markopoulou & Vicky Strataki

Surtitles Translation: Orfeas Apergis
Simultaneous Surtitling: Yannis Papadakis

Produced By: Onassis Stegi

“Prometheus” Tour Is Supported By: Onassis Stegi’s “Outward Turn” Program
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