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The House of Trouble

Polyplanity Productions-The House of Trouble
DIRECTED BY: Patricia Apergi
Onassis Stegi-Main Stage
04.05 - 07.05.2023
Polyplanity Productions-The House of Trouble

Six years after “Cementary”, choreographer Patricia Apergi is returning with the dance company Aerites to Onassis Stegi with an explosive party which reveals to us that we can still have a good time despite our lack of harmony and disagreements.


The category is: The struggle of diversity

• Determining ourselves together
We shall fight anyone who thinks that their history is written in brighter letters than ours.
The category is: Trouble

• The dance from within
Trouble does not bring peace.
Our trouble dances.
It breaks the flow of breath we needed in order to exist.
Trouble makes promises. Because when it does come, we shall know then that we can at last calm down.
We awake in trouble and we shall go forward beside it.
The category is: War

• Civil and gender war/ a vertical accented line makes the difference in our boundaries
What happens though when the self-evident fair fights for the freedom of expression and existence turn into ruthless acts of violence? When we are divided into “us” and “them”?
The category is: Circus

• Clowns or simply ludicrous?
Protagonists or extras? Truth or spectacle? When we will discover the humor in the midst of disagreement, the joy within hardship, in order to become able at some point to compensate ordeal with communication?
The category is: The utopia of pleasure

• Our personal paradise
The discovery of this new land, which reveals to us that certain pleasure we draw from diversity. The moment when we can savor our victories. The points or pauses between the ceaseless struggles. The place we find peace. The place where normal is defined by exceptions.
The category is: Tenderness

• The weapon of the many. The majesty of existence.
In an era where half of us take it for granted that there is no reason to even discuss such matters as we are fully aware of the freedom of existence and, at the same time, the other half still discovers that we may not be the same after all.
All of us are having a hard time. We do feel though that in a world teetering and shaking, the joy is found in those short pauses between battles.

Welcome to our show!

Welcome to the impromptu freefall into the future!

– Patricia Apergi

Conception & Choreography: Patricia Apergi
Performed alphabetically: Sevasti Zafira, Eleanna Zoi, Fuerza Negra, Andrea Givanovitch, Caterina Politi, Melina Sofokleous, Ilias Hatzigeorgiou
Dramaturgy: Roberto Fratini Serafide
Music & Sound Design: George Poulios
Set design: Evangelia Therianou
Costumes: Irini Georgakila
Lighting: Nikos Vlasopoulos
Artistic Advisor: Adrianos Efthymiadis
Research Advisor: Iria Vretto
Assistant Choreographer: Emmanuela Sakellari
Assistant Costume Designer: Kyranna Gioka
Assistant Set Designer: Genevieve Athanasopoulou
Custom made props: Konstantinos Chaldeos
Tailoring: Evangelia Tsiuni, Francesco Infante, Joanna Loka
Construction of set parts: Sozon Besis
Stage Technicians: Marios Karaolis, Martha Kapazoglou
Production Technical Coordinator: Nikos Charalampidis
Creative Production: Yolanda Markopoulou, Vicky Strataki/ POLYPLANITY Productions
Executive Producers: Aerites Dance Company, POLYPLANITY Productions
International tour: PLAN B – Creative Agency for Performing Arts Hamburg
A work by Patricia Apergi and the contemporary dance group Aerites
Production: Onassis Foundation Roof
Co-production: Le Gymnase – Cdcn Roubaix – Hauts-De-France (Fr), La Rose Des Vents – Scene Nationale Lille Métropole – Villeneuve D´Ascq (Fr)
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