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Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Polyplanity Productions-Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Hospice for Neuro-disability (Asilo aniaton), Kipseli
Polyplanity Productions-Jonathan Livingston Seagull

As part of its "outside the walls" activities, Stegi proposes an original show that aims to travel to every corner of Greece. Consistent with its goal of opening its actions to everyone, Stegi addresses special groups of the public with limited mobility, such as patients, the elderly, prisoners or residents of critical areas. Jonathan the Seagull, directed by Paris Mexis, is based on the much-loved allegorical tale "Jonathan Livingstone's Seagull" by Richard Bach, which describes the individual's struggle to be accepted by society for who he really is.

Jonathan Livingstone's seagull is different. Unlike the seagulls of his flock, he flies not only to fish for his prey, but because he simply loves to fly. The seagulls do not take kindly to this love of his and banish him as unnatural, dangerous and disrespectful to their traditions. Jonathan is left alone and faces the elements of nature. Not giving up, he practices flying, gets better, and one day flies so far that he meets a flock of other seagulls. The young seagulls welcome him into their group and reveal to him that they too have been exiled, each from his own flock... Jonathan begins to fly with them, happy to have loved and claimed a life better than mere survival...

In the Stegi performance, the actors, with the cooperation of the spectators, co-create the story of the seagull, using different means of narration. The narrative changes hands, bodies and mouths as the audience and actors alternate in the roles of Jonathan, the other seagulls and the elements of nature. In this way, viewers watch the story from different perspectives and, as bold seagulls, are motivated to follow their own path in life and not hesitate to spread their wings to fly! Because each of us hides a Jonathan seagull inside us...

Paris Mexis: theatrical adaptation, direction, scenography
Nikos Kypourgos: original music composition
Yorgina Germanou: Set design
Manos Vavadakis: assistant director
Performed by: Andri Theodotou, Konstantinos Kaikis, Maria Mochouri, Theodora Douska, Usik Hanikian
Line Production: Konstantina Georgiou, Tzela Christopoulou / POLYPLANITY Productions
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