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Eye Net 2.0 Festival

Polyplanity Productions-Eye Net 2.0 Festival
DIRECTED BY: Yolanda Markopoulou, Dimitris Georgiadis
Porta Theater and in selected secondary schools in Athens
19 & 20 /5/2022
Polyplanity Productions-Eye Net 2.0 Festival

Eye Net 2.0 and Polyplanity Productions presented the European Youth Engagement Network 2.0 Festival in Athens with eight theatrical performances from eight different European countries.

Within the framework of the Festival, young women, young people and teachers attended the performances of Greece, Italy, Lithuania, France, Germany, Slovenia and Serbia for free.

Partners from each country gathered groups of young people, mainly schoolgirls and secondary and tertiary students, with differences in terms of race and national origin, religion and beliefs, enabling them within artistic workshops, to develop social skills such as progressive, critical and analytical thinking, self-confidence, teamwork, respect and responsibility.

The EYE Net 2.0 program includes international activities with workshops and festivals

in the following countries: Serbia, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia, France, Germany, Lithuania and in Greece, with young talented contributors aimed especially at young people! The aim of the program was to cultivate critical, cultural thinking interaction, political awareness as well as international solidarity among young citizens.

The EYE – NET 2.0 program has been approved and is financed under action 2.2. Networks of Cities, of the "Europe for Citizens" initiative of the European Union and 16 agencies from 9 countries participate in it. Its main implementing body is the Foundation "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture".

The performance presented by Greece was AGRAFA (Unwritten Land).

With the Hellenic landscape ravaged by wildfires, and suffering the consequences of the global climate crisis, more and more groups and individuals are seeking answers and looking for solutions. The installation of wind turbines throughout the domain has proven to be a lightning rod for controversy since its inception, with more than 20,000 turbines in over 1,500 locations currently under consideration. The center of this debate is the mountainous region of Agrafa (meaning unwritten in greek), an invaluable natural resource that is presently being groomed as a possible location for a wind-energy park. While this would be a welcome step in our nation-

wide commitment to using renewable energy sources and limiting carbon dioxide emissions, the toll it would take on the natural landscape is devastating and cannot be ignored. Unwritten Land offers a unique opportunity to voice our concerns and pose thought-provoking questions, calling for active participation and cooperation across Europe.

Artistic Mentorship: Γιολάντα Μαρκοπούλου, Δημήτρης Γεωργιάδης

Dramaturgy Consultant: Thanos Christodoulou

Music: Lumiere Brother

Production Manager: Nikos Charalampidis

Production: Polyplanity Productions

Young Co-Creators And Performers: Menelaos Kyparissis / Lida
Manousou Alexiou / Natalia Peleka / Theodosis Tanis / Tasos Provias / Andriani
Neokleous / Stavriana Kadi

With the support of the Greek Art Theatre “Karolos Koun” and the Hellenic Ministry
of Culture and Sports.
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