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Polyplanity Productions-EMIGREDES
Kefallinias Street Theater, Athens
February - April 2016
Polyplanity Productions-EMIGREDES

AA and XX. Two people in search of their identity. Two strangers locked up in a room, alienated and isolated from everyone around them. Two immigrants in a foreign country.

It is a play written in 1974 but could not be more up-to-the-minute than ever. When first staged it caused a commotion, a social and artistic impact, for facing the issue of immigration in such original and never before, way.

A modern, realistic and a hard take on the nostalgia of a homeland drifting away day by day. At the same time, the nostalgia of a revolution is so feasible, yet so beyond reach.

Translation: Ersi Vasilikiotis
Direction: Yolanda Markopoulou
Dramatization: Markos Tsoumas
Set Design - Costumes: Alexandra Siafkou, Aristotelis Karananos
Lighting: Alekos Anastasiou
Sound Design: Lambros Pigounis

Cast: Prometheus Aliferopoulos, Thanos Tokakis
Photos: Elina Younanli
Visual Identity Design: Sakis Stritsidis / FRONT
Production Organization: Tzela Christopoulou
Line Production: Konstantinos Georgiou
Produced by: Polyplanity Productions
Kefallinias Street Theater, Athens, February to April 2016
Thessaloniki, Black Box Theatre / 25th - 29th May 2016

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