SYNERGY-O is an experimental art space in the center of Athens.  It was founded in November 2007 by Yolanda Markopoulou for the purposes of her first performanceTejas Verdes, that took place in an old car repair-shop (synergyo in greek).   Synergy-o isn't located in a permanent space, rather it moves once in a while in order to continually interact and integrate with the area and space it takes over.   For the past 6 years its base has been a 5 story building in the multicultural area of Metaxourgeio where more than 50 theater productions, workshops, art shows and concerts have taken place.  Since 2010, SYNERGY-O and NGO Amaka have run a theatre-art therapy program called 'Station Athens' for refugees and immigrants.  

SYNERGY-O's mission today is to produce artistic work that encompasses social issues while offering both theatre and art workshops to marginalized communities across Athens.