Cyclops by Euripides

Athens and Epidaurus festival 2017

A masculine, raw, violent world of killing and man-eating, where justice is tantamount to the survival of the fittest. In the land of the Cyclops, the Outsider is neither sheltered nor safe. Rather, s/he is exploited or devoured. There, one can either be good or bad; frightened and desperate or merciless and cruel. Euripides’ characters are frivolous, sly, opportunistic, decadent, and savage. They are ridiculed and ridicule others in return. They are crushed and seek to crush others. This purely masculine world is explored through the lens of femininity: through the female body, psychology, and expression. An all-female production which seeks to redress the balance between the serious and the ludicrous, between the genres of splatter horror and comedy.

The text includes excerpts from Odyssey and Theocritus' Cyclops (trans. Pantelis Boukalas).


​Translation: Pantelis Boukalas
Direction: Pantelis Dentakis
Set and costume design: Georgia Bourda
Movement: Ermis Malkotsis
Music: Eleftherios Veniadis
Lighting design: Sakis Birbilis
Assistant directors: Efi Revmata, Thanasis Zeritis
Cast: Stefania Goulioti (Cyclops), Anna Kalaitzidou (Odysseus), Alexandra Aidini (Silenus), Nefeli Maistrali, Maria Mouschouri, Amalia Ninou, Myrto Panagou, Eleni Tsimprikidou (Satyrs), Efi Revmata (Extra)

Executive producers: Polyplanity Productions / Yolanda Markopoulou, Vicky Strataki


Many thanks to Valia Papachristou, Katerina Lypiridou, Nikos Dentakis, Eleni Koutsioumpa, Aristea Stafylaraki, Tonia Kazakou, Domniki Mitropoulou.
Special thanks to Moraitis School and Mr. Bourlas for providing the cast and crew with a rehearsal space.

With English subtitles

Thessaloniki: Theatro Dassous (Thessaloniki Forest Theathre) 13/07/2017, 21:15 hours

Epidaurus: Little Theater of Ancient Epidaurus, 21/07/2017 and 22/07/2017, 21.30 hours