at Espoo City Theatre, Finland

After its premiere at the Athens Festival in 2015 and its participation in the official selection of ISPA's Pitch New Works, this is the European premiere of the documentary theatre performance We are the Persians! by the Station Athens Group, directed by Yolanda Markopoulou at Espoo City Theatre, Finland in the end of March. 

Watch the trailer here
We are the Persians! - Six refugees after living in Greece for the past 7 years, get the chance to leave the country, travel and recite their experience in a discourse with the Persians of Aeschylus. 

Hussein, Reza, Khalil, Aidim, Reza and Ramzan have arrived to Athens from far away. They are the Persians! Their new station is Athens. How was their journey? What are their everyday battles in a new ground? A documentary theatre performance using as a starting point their personal testimonies and recent events that changed their life, in a discourse with the Persians of Aeschylus. Images maintained in our collective memory come alive in this personal odyssey where 6 stories intertwine.

The Station Athens Group was created through a 7-year theatre workshop. It all started when the group, 6 refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh gathered and chose to play theatre and experience art as a way to integrate and get away from everyday hassles.  The group couldn't travel outside of Greece as a whole until very recently, because of passport  & paper issues. We are all very proud to say that their work in theatre was also a reason that granted them permits and legal papers to be able to travel and work freely.