The narration of Antigone

from 05.12 in the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

My name is Antigone. I am Antigone. Born in 1893 in Imera of Pontos and have not stopped travelling since”

With a great love and awe for her Pontiac roots and her family descriptions, Antigone Neta has gathered all of the material saved by her family. Along with the narration of her great grandmother and main heroine of the story Antigone Mavrommatopoulou,, she directs the play ‘ The narration of Antigone’, starring Antigone Frida.


Right after the constitution in Turkey, the great grandmother Antigone, in fear of her husband's call to the military, gathered strength and courage and abandoned her home in Imera of Trapezounda to begin a tale filled will difficulties, loss and gratitude for those who offered her and her family work and shelter during their infinite journey. 

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The bittersweet memories, the countless kilometers, the worst possible conditions, a rich archive and a narration so realistic to its core that the audience ultimately transforms into a travel companion.