Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Sadam Houssein said: "The question of Democracy is a very complex one. It requires your utmost attention". When Plato was formulating his conception of Democracy he had no idea that Stalin would agree with Sadam Houssein at the conference of leaders of the Totalitarian States Agreement in 1968. When Roosevelt was trying to persuade the Congress to intervene to stop World War II, he did not know that Ben Hourion was being inspired from his ideas trying to pass them on to his people. At the table of the world atlas these pieces of history are being merged for a sole second and then scattered like a puzzle that has to be made again. 


Speech(less) derives material from political speeches and creates a vivid seminar on who is suitable to become the next leader. This play was initially presented at spirto.net Low Budget Festival.


Script: Dimitris Generalis

Direction: Yolanda Markopoulou

Set & Costume Design: Alexandra Siafkou, Aristotelis Karananos

Lighting: Electra Perseli



Christos Karnakis

Leonardos Batis

Tania Palaiologou


Production Coordinator: Maria Dourou

Production Assistant: Tzela Christopoulou


4,5,6 December 2012