Homer's ILIAD at Sibiu International Theater Festival, Romania

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group

Homer’s ILIAD comprises one of the brightest texts of ancient Greek history and remains timeless to this date. This year the Sibiu International Theater Festival will host the ILIAD directed by Stathis Livathinos, a theatrical masterpiece that has gained admiration worldwide. The performance has gained international recognition since it successfully imprints the greek spirit in relation to war, ambition, tragic figures and heroes. It was firstly presented in the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in June 2013 and has since toured in Amsterdam, Merida, Cyprus, Madrid, Canada, and Chile. The ILIAD will constitute the closing performance at the Sibiu Festival on 21 June 2015.


“A complex but entertaining and thought-provoking story that evokes vigilance to the audience. A closer look at the human soul, which succumbs to violence in an effort to cross the path of survival during war and destruction.”

Critique Excerpt by Leopoldo Thumb at biobiochile.cl from the International Festival of Santiago a Mill in Chile


The Sibiu International Theater Festival takes place for the 22nd time this year in Romania, hosting theater, dance and music shows in 60 theaters across the city. Initiated by actor Constantin Chierac, it is considered the third most important European festival after Edinburgh and Avignon, and hosts more than 300 performances. Each year it attracts about 600,000 viewers, while participating artists come from 50 countries. Alongside the festival the Sibiu Performing Arts Market takes place, which enable artists and groups to showcase their work and sell performances to artistic directors of festivals, theater and organizations.