Documentary theatre performance

We are the Persians!

Directed by Yolanda Markopoulou

The Station Athens Group

Hussein, Reza, Khalil, Aidim, Reza and Ramzan have arrived to Athens from far away. They are the Persians! Their new station is Athens. How was their journey? What are their everyday battles on a new ground? A documentary theatre performance using as a starting point their personal testimonies and recent events that changed their lives, in a discourse with the Persians of Aeschylus.


Images maintained in our collective memory come alive in this personal odyssey where 6 stories intertwine. The Station Athens Group was created through a 5-year theatre workshop. The group, 6 refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh present a performance that taps into today's major issue of migration.


The first performance took place at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in June 2015.

The performance is available for international touring. For information please contact us. 



Chaljl Ali Zada

Ramzan Mohammad 

Javad Rezai

Hossain Amiri

Aidim Joyimal

Reza Mohammadi 

Reza Muosevi


Concept - Direction 

Yolanda Markopoulou


Margarita Papadopoulou

Yolanda Markopoulou


Pauline Huguet

Stage Design

Alexandra Siafkou

Aristotelis Karananos


Lampros Pigounis

Lightning Design

Olympia Mytilinaiou

Video Editing

Elina Fessa

Assistant Director

Vanina Karvouni

Set & Costumes Assistant

Dora Tourva

Production Assistant 

Tzela Christopoulou, Vicky Strataki


Elina Giounanli



Polyplanity Productions




One of Metaxourgio’s characteristics is its multiculturalism which inspired NGO AMAKA and SYNERGYO to establish a creative workshop of theatre, photography, video and visual arts for young immigrants and refugees, based on art therapy methods. In the past four years, members of the team who are refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh have created their own «Station» at SYNERGY-O.

Throughout the year a class is held on the 3rd floor of SYNERGY-O aiming to present a performance and all the preparation towards its realization. Starting from the journey theme with the performance «Station Athens» in 2011, we moved to here and now by working on the notion of a new «station» with the open rehearsal/performance «We are home» in 2012 and continued with the concept of war and the theatrical performance «We are the Persians!» based on the «Persians» by Aeschylus in 2013 to end up with stories from the past that led to their escape with the performance «I _LEFT». We revisited We are the Persians! in 2015 in order to create a larger-scale performance that premiered at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival last summer. 


Information: www.synergyo.gr, www.amaka.gr

Workshop Organization: SYNERGY-O, NGΟ ΑΜΑΚΑ