ILIAD at Santiago A Mil International Theatre Festival: Santiago, Chile

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group

One of the most important festivals not only America but also of the world, Santiago A Mil, hosted Homer’s Iliad by the Stathis Livathinos Theatre group for four shows - all 4 sold out - meanwhile inaugurating one of the largest new theatres of Santiago, Corpartes Theatre, a venue with a seating capactiy of 800 people. The ILIAD was seen by a large number of people from the Chilean theatre world but also from Europe, as the festival hosts theatre groups and national theatres from all over the world. Some of the groups that participated this year were Alvis Hermanis, Wim Vandekeybus, Emma Dante, Lemi Ponifasio, Marco Layera, οι Rimini Protokoll, η Volksbühne etc.


Within the framework of the festival, Stathis Livathinos was invited to give two masterclasses to actors and directors from Chile. Meanwhile a directing forum with the topic of Ancient Drama was was organized with the participation of Stathis Livathinos and the famed Chilean director Ramon Griffero.


Excerpts from the press:

“Homer’s and Livathinos’ Iliad sings the beauty of the war. This beauty to which so many men fall prey to. Livathinos bases his direction on the all powerful language of Homer which he respects down to the most minute detail and he’s not wrong in doing so: the words have such power, that you don’t need swords to rip your throat. The text, the Greek voices of the fifteen actors, brings this mission to to completion, and makes us understand why Homer is Homer and why after all these centuries we continue to study him.” Carolina Ojeda, Fundacion La Fuente.


“Perfect direction in all aspects. The teaching of the actors is completely in tune with the needs of this flawless and sophisticated performance which lights up the historical and mythological frame…Over 800 people were completely absorbed by what they were watching on stage.

Performances of especially high caliber…Reconstruction of the epic climate which envelops the whole performance with a perfect rhythm, perfect synchronization between the rolεs of the Gods and the mortals in a perfect corelation.”


A few words about the Santiago A Mil Festival:

Santiago A Mil Festival has very many friends in Europe and Latin America but also has a great resonance with the audience and not only. One of the most avid supporters was Pina Bausch who gave the festival two of the best performances of the final years of her life. 


The Festival began 22 years ago as a personal vision of the founder, Carmen Romero, who until today is the artistic director. The purpose is to bring good theatre, music and dance to the city of Santiago for two weeks, bridging all the different neighborhoods and people of this large city under a common artistic event. A large part of the festival takes place in public spaces and is free, so people who may have never watched theatre before or don’t have the means to afford it, can. For example Ariane Mnouchkine’s piece a few years ago took place at a train station.


In these 22 years the Festival has managed to spread to all of Chile, creating branches in perfectures and cities that until then had no contact with the arts as Santiago rounds up most of the population of the country.  



Santiago A Mil, Corpartes, January 3, 5, 6 at 8pm and January 4 at 5pm