ILIAD in Montreal, Canada: Cinars Biennale

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group

It’s the first time that a greek play is presented in one of the most important performing arts markets in the world, Cinars Biennale, in Montreal, where it is the only theatre play that has been selected to be presented in its full length.


The "Iliad", which Aristotle called “the very first tragedy”, takes us to a gigantic open orchestra. This is a theatre of war. After ten months of experimentation on narrative and epic theatre, the Stathis Livathinos Group presents this variation of all 24 books of the Iliad. 


Being a classic, seminal work of the celebrated culture of Ancient Greece – the Iliad is subjected now to a modern artistic gaze. The atmosphere on stage is dynamic and ever changing as fifteen actors seamlessly weave from theatre performers to contemporary rhapsodes. Two musicians with a complex percussion set and electronic devices enhance the experience.



Cinars Biennale Booth # 246


November 20, 2014