ILIAD in Madrid, Spain: Centro Dramático Nacional

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group

"An exceptional show briefly presented at the CDN."

"You have to go back years ago to recall a show as strong, a reception as impressive and a success as overwhelming as the one last night by the Greek company Stathis Livathinos's threatre group at the Valle Inclán of the Centro Dramático Nacional in the section "A Look at the World".

"One of the brightest groups casts we've ever seen on stage"

"A dramaturgy full of resources, where there is no excess gesture or movement without consequence."

"Almost four magical hours. A real display of theatrical excellence, something that seems almost miraculous in the current situation in Greece "

José Catalán Deus, El Periodista Digital, 18/10/14


"Viewing this gem of Homer / Maronitis / Livathinos and his team, one understands the heroic gesture through which theater passes over ages, languages and locations. The gesture with which theater plunges its dagger and purifies."

Ábel González Melo, Artefactus Cultural Project, 19/10/14


"The action starts. An unstoppable whirlwind of images, actions, running, changes, imagination, disorder, brutality, simplicity, classicism, passion and consistency. And does it blow you away, yes, it blows you away. And when it reaches the intermission, really you do not need it, you want more. (...) A work to take your hat off to."

David García Vázquez, Desde el patio, 19/10/14


"The events unfold at breathtaking speed, the interpretive approach lies between Grand-Guignol, the circus and the Brechtian alienation and leads to situations full of emotions, in the arms of love and war."

Adolfo Simón, Que Revienten Los Artistas, 21/10/14


The Iliad was invited to perform at the National Theatre of Madrid, in the section "A look at the world". It’s the first time in history that a greek theatre group performs on the stage of the Spanish National Theatre and it is the second time this year that the Iliad is invited to present in Spain!


Stathis Livathinos signs off this theatrical adaptation of the Iliad, which is based on the translation of the homeric epic into modern greek by the renowned patriarch of greek philology Dimitris Maronitis. 


Fifteen extraordinary actors bring to stage, using a completely modern code, the great homeric tragedy, which is nothing but the tragedy of the human existence. Fifteen actors who constitute the permanent theatre group of Livathinos, director of the Experimental Stage of the National Theatre of Greece from 2001 to 2007. Fifteen actors who add up to a whole, capable of embodying the over 30 characters that appear in the adaptation. In other words, fifteen actors and one director completely devoted to the stage, acting, theatre, and even more so under the conditions - in their country - that make their ethical stance heroic.



Centro Dramático Nacional, Teatro Valle Inclan, October 17, 18, 19 at 19:30