DANTON'S DEATH in Germany: Bücher International Festival

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group


Danton’s Death was selected and will be presented along with 7 other plays at the Büchner International Festival in Giessen, Germany on June 29, 2013. 


Two years after the premiere at the Onassis Cultural Center, the performance travels to the city where the playwright lived and a political and artistic dialogue begins between theatre groups from across the world centered on G. Büchner’s work.


The director Stathis Livathinos along with Vassilis Andreou, Konstantinos Aspiotis, Meletis Ilias, Stelios Iakovidis, Nikos Kardonis, Michalis Moulakakis, Dimitris Bitos, Maria Nafpliotou, Panagiotis Panagopoulos, Christos Sougaris, Giorgos Tabourakis, Haris Charalambous, Yorgos Christodoulou and Blaine Reininger live on stage “relive” the performance of 2011, in the costume and set design by Eleni Manolopoulou and the lighting design by Alekos Anastasiou


Production: Onassis Cultural Center

Line Production: Polyplanity Productions.