ILIAD Summer Tour: Patras, Kavala, Heraklion

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group

Homer’s thrilling epic translated by D.N. Maronitis is presented at the international festivals of Patra, Filippi and Thasos, Heraclion, Cyprus and the renowned International Festival of Merida, Spain.


From Athens Festival to Pireaus 260, the National Theatre of Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, the Municipal Theatre of Pireaus and Chora Theatre, now the Iliad in its first ever tour in Greece in select and open air theatres before it travels to the renowned International Theatre Festival of Merida in Spain and Cyprus International Festival.


The ILIAD the ancient Greek epic of the Trojan cycle is the foundation of Ancient Greek Culture and the basis of Modern European Narrative. It’s an unraveled work of literary power and aesthetic maturity that has preoccupied Stathis Livathinos for years.


The director along with his colleagues “narrate” this shattering epic through which all of modern Greece surfaces. 15 actors like modern day rhapsodes narrate the story of the most violent war of all times and transform this inspired text into a series of poetic images, tough yet tender in a completely modern thematic.


Who is the the hero today and what does it mean to be a hero? How much destruction and how much anger can a man sustain? Why has civil conflict turned out such a Greek phenomenon?


The fierce confrontation between the two eternal enemies Achilles and Hector will eventually end. The aging father of Hector, the wise Priamus and the young avenger Achilles will bury the hatchet - even for a short while- over Hector’s dead body. The two generations can converse and reconcile and this war will stay in history as a war with no winner or loser. 



Polyplanity Productions/ Yolanda Markopoulou



Ancient Roman Theatre, Patras: June 26 at 21:30

Filippi Ancient Theatre, Kavala: July 5 at 21:00

Merida International Theatre Festival, Spain: July 18, 19 at 22:45

Nikos Kazantzakis Theatre, Heraclion, Crete: September 1, 2 at 21:00