ILIAD in The Netherlands: Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group

2 sold-out performances and a dress rehearsal for an audience of high school and university students and professors; the performances of the Iliad, directed by Stathis Livathinos, at the National Theatre of Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam October 5 and 6, 2013. 


Excerpts from the review by Karin Veraart in the major dutch newspaper Volkskrant, Thursday October 3, 2013.


5/5 stars for the performance of the Iliad in September at Pireaus 260 (in view of its presentation in the National Theatre of the City of Amsterdam, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam)


“Five hours effortlessly under the spell of Homer's Iliad”


“Greece seems to sigh under the weight of her troubles, yet behind the gates of a former furniture factory there is a vibrant energy.”


“…a total of nine months where then spent preparing, reading, researching, testing and being guided by Livathinos hand when needed…15 actors, a number of which have been performing together for up to 10 years, backed up by a younger generation, and their director. The result is astounding”


“Not often does one come across such an energetic, ultra focused, intense and yet so precisely executed production. Simply brilliant. “


“With Livathinos directing even a battle is an ode to the imagination”


“…an uneasy dance duet, steps full of power, around and over each other, a jump through the air over tables and chairs all choreographed on a battlefield of dead coats. “


“This is how the performers and Livathinos manage to keep the audience engaged for 5 hours.”


“These Greek performers deserve a European stage.”