Little Red Riding Hood - The First Blood

Theatre de la Ville

June 18 2014, Theatre de la Ville, Chantiers d' Europe


Little Red Riding Hood takes her revenge. 


The unpredictable Lena Kitsopoulou adds First Blood (from Rambo: The American film with Sylvester Stallone) to the title of the famous brothers Grimm fairy tale. 


"No one has ever lived happily until the end of his days," she says. She dares to give the Little Red Riding Hood her bloody revenge, that which goes beyond taboos, conventions and stereotypes. And remove the legacy of false beliefs that haunt our lives. Lena Kitsopoulou, the iconoclastic and committed artist, had already impressed audiences with her text P.E.T.U.L.A. read by Elizabeth Mazev at the Chantiers d' Europe 2012.


Line Production: Polyplanity Productions