ILIAD in Mérida, Spain: Mérida International Theatre Festival

Stathis Livathinos Theatre Group

“Βombs explode in the Roman Theatre of Merida”
“The Greek director Stathis Livathinos manages in a surprisingly effective way to resolve the issue of presenting the 24 rhapsodies narrating the 53 bloody days of war in a contemporary language with modern costume design, action-packed and energy-driven direction of the 15 actors-rhapsodes, coordinated down to the millimeter. He only deserves praise.”
“Each actor plays many roles.Their performance is proof of their collective professionalism and fully justifies the success they have had at their first performances in the beginning of this world tour organized by polyplanity productions in cooperation with the Athens festival” “with very apt humorous” winks”, the text contains obvious contemporary references, but at the same time it has the great virtue-especially for those who strictly adhere to tradition- to reflect the Homeric tradition perfectly, the culmination of the oral traditions that rose 29 centuries ago.” DAVID VIGARIO, EL MUNDO 19/07/14


“The wrath of Achilles sweeps the Roman Theatre” The Iliad astonished viewers for three hours long “ JAVIER GARCIA, EL PERIODICO EXTREMADURA, 19/07/14


“All the glory of classical Greece, through the lens of one of the most innovative contempo- rary theatre troupes. Stathis Livathinos’ group presented a spectacular show of the Iliad “ WINSTON MANRIQUE SABOGAL, EL PAIS, 18/07/14


Homer's epic which began a year ago at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival continues its journey on stages in and out of Greece: The apex being its participation, as the only foreign production, at the Merida International Theatre Festival, the Spanish Festival which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The ILIAD is going to perform there on July 18 and 19, always based on the translation by Dimitris Maronitis. Through the 15 member theatre group we follow the theatrical narration which tangles war with poetry, violence with the Gods, weaknesses with conflict, and heroes with enemies. 


With the support of the Greek National Tourism Organization


Mérida International Theatre Festival

July 18 and 19th at 22.45