At Synergy-O

Synergy-O will be transformed into a five-story apartment building with a lot of small rooms where people who arrived in Athens from far away, very far away, will live for a while. An innovative performance-tour into their personal spaces.


Unique, real stories, which we would most likely never come across. Young people from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who have lead extraordinary lives as refugees, confess their personal story. We are guided into their past, full of loss and lost opportunities. Each one lives in his personal space.


A classroom in Afghanistan, a prison in Athens, Halil’s house in Kabul, the Buddhas of Bamian, a construction site, a control tower, a hospital in Bangladesh. That's where we will see all their personal belongings. That's where we will see all the documents and photos from their life before they left. That's where we will hear their voice.  


An unusual acquaintance with people who walk by us but we would never meet. As the screen broadcasts anonymous news stories filled with the horror of war, at the same time their personal narration embodies History for the first time in a unique and spontaneous way.


A documentary theater piece based on the struggle of everyday life for refugees and their personal testimonials. True to the historical facts, which marked each one's life, the play tries to find the hope for the future in the land where they found themselves. In Greece...


With: Chaljl Ali Zada, Ramzan Mohammad, Javad Rezai, Hossain Amiri, Aidim Joyimal


Concept & Directed by: Yolanda Markopoulou

Dramaturge - Art Therapy: Margarita Papadopoulou

Movement: Pauline Huguet

Art Direction: Alexandra Siafkou, Aristotelis Karananos

Community Drama: Konstantina Rapti, Angelos Tsapekos

Video: Daphne Kalafati, NIovi Stavropoulou

Sound Design: Dimitris Tzimeas

Production Assistants: Zarif Bakhtyari, Tzela Christopoulou, Katerina Sakarellou

Photographs: Elina Yiounanli



One of Metaksourgio’s characteristics is its multiculturalism and this inspired MKO AMAKA and SYNERGYO to establish the creative workshop of theatre, photography, video and visual arts for young immigrants and refugees, based on art therapy methods. In the past four years, members of the team who are refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, have created their own «Station» at Synergyo. Throughout the year a class is held on the 3rd floor of Synergyo aiming to present a performance and all the preparation towards its realization. Starting from the journey theme with the performance «Station Athens» in 2011, we moved to here and now by working the notion of a new «station» with the open rehearsal/performance «We are home» in 2012 and continued with the concept of war and the theatrical performance «We are the Persians!» based on «Perses» by Aeschylus in 2013 to end up on stories from the past that led to the escape with our performance «E_FYGA».


Information: www.synergyo.gr,  http://amaka-arte.blogspot.gr/

Workshop Organization: SYNERGYO, ΜΚΟ ΑΜΑΚΑ