The project designed for children, “Painting on stage” began in 2006 and has already been performed twice: in the central square of the Olympic Village during the events ‘A city is born’ in July 2006 and at the Platia Eleftherias in Korydallos within the frameworks of the local municipality events in September 2007. The group consists of 5 actresses, set designer Alexandra Siafkou, director Yolanda Markopoulou and musician Akis Kollias. The show always starts with a story that is being performed accompanied by the live band. Then the children are given paints to fill in large canvases that are set  in the space. “Painting on stage” is an innovative performance for children based on theater, music and painting. It’s an interactive activity for all ages eager for dance, paint and creative play.  The aim is to enhance children’s imagination and make them create paintings in groups.