At Synergy-O


In an abandoned high-school, the classrooms are literally a disaster. The whole place is up in flames. What will be left, other than ash?
At SYNERGY-O, the audience will be wondering from one space to another to discover, in the set/ performance/ sound presentation, an allegory state of the world today.
Inspired by the images of destruction we witness on a daily basis, Amalia Bennett is directing a creative “path” in the non-theatrical space offered by SYNERGY-O. In collaboration with artist Panos Famelis, she creates art out of ash.
Actors, dancers and musicians form a team that puts together a puzzle of powerful images; and the audience is invited to complete the puzzle with one last piece…  


Duration: 7th-29th of December 2009      



Co-produced by the team Kinitiras and POLYPLANITY Productions.