At Synergy-O

Vassilis Andreou and seven young actresses present seven female monologues. A Cretan wedding is held at an event venue called "Therapenides" ; six bridesmaids and… an angel get together to transform the wedding into a heart-felt confession and a quest for healing.
«Therapenida»: originates from the greek verb 'therapevo', which means to cure or to heal; entrusted maids, bondmaids.
"Therapenides" were created through classes and theatrical exercises that inspired Vassilis Andreou to conceive the idea and write a script for the seven actresses. The masks worn by the "Therapenides" were inspired by the Japanese Ko-omote mask («Ko-omote» meaning small face), one of the most beautiful mask used in the theatre Noh.
Everyone is invited to this delirious wedding!

Duration: 17th of March - 28th of April 2010