At Synergy-O

VILLA 15: The “Secret Town” (CIUDAD OCULTA), one of many poor neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.
NGO AMAKA, NGO PH15 and POLYPLANITY Productions present a series of photographs taken by children living in Argentinean favelas. The children fulfill the dream of free expression by taking photos depicting their daily lives. In August 2000 a group of children living in the Secret Town expressed the desire to learn about photography; today their works travel across the Atlantic to be presented to the Greek audience. Thirty photos in black and white depict the terribly low living conditions they live in. By observing and recording moments from their personal and collective lives, they are given the opportunity to express their inner voice and offer a fresh artistic perspective. The children take on the role of true photographers and thus discover new places and different sides to a place they are already acquainted with.
The exhibition "participated" in ReMap3 (2011) and after SYNERGY-O the exhibition was presented in "Calliope" Gallery in Chios (November 2011) and then in the Junior High School of Volissos "Michalis Papamavros".

Duration: 2009 - 2011

Co-ordinators: POLYPLANITY productions, PH15