At Synergy-O

SYNERGY-O participated in ReMap 3, with three exhibitions.
The first one was about all these projects that take place in the building of Kolonou 31, under the perspective of the collaboration with the Arab community in the area and in general the neighborhood of Metaxourgeio. The second part was a presentation through photographs, paintings and video of Station Athens, an art workshop for young immigrants and refugees, organized by NGO AMAKA and SYNERGY-O. "Ciudad Oculta" was the third part, with photographs taken by children who live in the favelas. Thirty photos in black and white depict the terribly low living conditions they live in.

Duration: 12th of September – 30th of October 2011

Contributors: Markopoulou Yolanda, Siafkou Alexandra, Karananos Aristotelis, AMAKA MKO