At Synergy-O

Videos, photographs and paintings by Emilija Skarnulyte, Amnesty International and a group of young immigrants taking part in art therapy workshops organized by NGO ΑΜΑΚΑ and POLYPLANITY Productions.
Eight teenagers who recently arrived to Greece from different countries of the world (Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and the Ivory Coast) work together and put up an exhibition presenting works from their social adjustment workshops entitled “My Station”. Using sound, images and art they communicate their dreams and share their concerns.
The exhibition includes photos from Amnesty International that capture moments lived in poverty and under discrimination. Throughout the world people have to forfeit the right to physical well-being, housing, education, equality and fair trial; they have to forfeit the right to Dignity.

Duration: 2009 - 2010

Artistic Directors: Karananos Aristotelis, Siafkou Alexandra

Collaborators: NGO ARSIS