At Synergy-O

Four directors and ten actors show the audience around the rooms of SYNERGY-O, where they unveil Esteve Soler’s surrealist universe of CONTRA EL PROGRÉS. A 12-month marriage contract comes to an end in 5 minutes; a gigantic apple is set on the table; a little boy takes part in Little Red Riding Hood’s fairytale; an African child steps out of the TV; a wounded man is waiting for the ambulance in vain; and a seal confesses her secrets. Six stories, six killing jokes, six small surrealist portraits of our everyday life, release a flow of laughter that freezes as soon as it is met with an inevitable question: does the contemporary concept of progress really exist?
Directed by Yolanda Markopoulou, Lilly Meleme, Dimitris Bitos and Aris Troupakis.

Duration: 26th of April - 1st of June 2010