Multiverso # 2 Yolanda Markopoulou, Station Athens Group & The Trojan Women Project

Online Zoom Performance


Multiverso #2 is a theatre event created by and for this time, inviting the audience into a Zoom room to watch and interact with the live performers. Eight immigrant and refugee artists from disparate geographic locations, with no single shared language, find a way to blend their stories, visual art, and music into a hybrid live event that reflects common struggles, common journeys, and a desire to make art in a new life. Led by Mind the fact, Station Athens Group, Polyplanity Productions in Greece, and The Trojan Women Project of La MaMa in New York City, Multiverso uses technology to bring together in one cyber space a group of individuals who might never have the opportunity to stand face to face.
Multiverso #1 was first presented on December 20, 2020 as part of the Mind the fact Festival in Athens, Greece. Now in its second incarnation, Multiverso #2 expands the stories of these artists, and invites the audience to meet them, share unique interpretations of the immigrant experience and engage in an interactive exchange with them.
The company for this presentation, which has been meeting together on Zoom since September 2020, includes Afghani, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani artists now living in Athens, Greece; Venezuelan and Chilean artists relocated in Italy; and asylum seekers waiting at the Tijuana border for passage to new lives in the United States.
This event is presented as a part of Re-Fest, CultureHub's annual festival that brings artists, activists, and technologists together to explore our role in re-shaping the future.
Friday, June 11
2pm ET / 11am PT
Free / Donate Sara Galassini and Onni Johnson - Directors, The Trojan Women Project
Yolanda Markopoulou - Director, Station Athens Group
Erato Tzavara - Video Art
Adam Parker, Tijuana Consultant
Rosie Hin - Photography: Actors: Chalil Ali Zada - Afghanistan/Greece Hossein Amiri - Afghanistan/Greece
Giovanny Escalona - Venezuela/Italy
Alan Jorquera - Chile/Italy
Aidim Joymal - Bangladesh/Greece
Ramzan Mohammad - Pakistan/Greece
Winston MG - Venezuela/Tijuana
Bel Atis Pitir Seye - Haiti/Tijuana