"Tejas" Verdes at SYNERGY-O

At Synergy-O

«Welcome to Tejas Verdes! We hope you'll enjoy your stay.» No, don't be mistaken, Tejas Verdes is no longer a seaside hotel. It has been transformed into a torture camp of the Pinochet dictatorship. Through the memories of a young girl who «disappeared» right after the Pinochet coup, the audience is transferred to the horrific reality of Tejas Verdes and is asked to remember, to think and to react.

TEJAS VERDES, a highly political play approached in a deeply humane way, written by Spanish playwright Fermín Cabal and directed by Yolanda Markopoulou, was presented at  SYNERGY-O and in Lithografeion Theatre in Patras. The show was accompanied by an art exhibition containing pictures, videos and wallpaintings documenting past dictatorships.

Duration: 3rd of November 2007 - 27th of January 2008 (Athens) & 9th-13th of April 2008 (Patras)